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Answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may join?

Membership is offered exclusively for owners of professionally run accommodation establishments.

What does it cost?

€125 once-off per annum

What do I get for being a member?

20 BarterCoins on joining Book & Swap and an additional 20 BarterCoins™ each year you renew your membership.
(On average it will cost you 1 BarterCoins™ per night per person in an average accommodation establishment on our swap List)

Can I give my BarterCoins™ away as gifts?

Yes, accommodation nights can be gifted to friends, family and staff, provided the initial contact is made by the owner of the establishment requiring the barter and he/she fills in all the relevant forms required on the Book & Swap website.

Are meals included?

No. All extras other than accommodation is to be paid for directly with the hosting establishment.

Can I only swap with owners who have the same star rating as me?

You can swap with any star rating, however the BarterCoin™ rate may vary from establishment to establishment. The choice remains with you as to who you would like to stay with and how many BarterCoins™ you are prepared to spend per night.

Do I need to swap only with guesthouses that have swapped with me?

No, you can swap with any establishment on the SwapList.

Can I earn extra BarterCoins™ ?

Yes, there are a number of ways to earn extra BarterCoins™.
➢ Every time you except a swap you earn BarterCoins™ per person per night.
➢ You receive 8 BarterCoins™ for each accommodation establishment you successfully refer to Book & Swap

Can I stockpile my BarterCoins™ ?

Yes, if you can’t use your BarterCoins™ in a year, they roll over to the next, as long as you remain a payed up member BarterCoins™ never expire.

What happens if I cannot use my BarterCoins™ within the membership year?

Same answer as above. They roll over to the next year, as long as you have paid your membership fee.

Do I lose my accumulated BarterCoins™ if I don’t renew my membership the following year?

Yes, unfortunately, should you not renew your Book & Swap yearly membership, you loose your BarterCoins ™.

Are children and or pets welcome?

This depends on the guesthouse. Please enquire when you make a booking enquiry.

How do I get my details and pictures on to

Send to us, and we do it for you.

How fast can I start swapping once I have paid my fee?

You can start swapping as soon as we have all of your details loaded onto our system and as soon as your yearly membership has been paid.

What is the value of a BarterCoin™ ?

There is no fixed monetary value of a BarterCoin™. The public rates of accommodation advertised on Book & Swap are set by our members independently when joining Book & Swap. However if you were to compare an average nightly room rate with a BarterCoin™ you would get an average value of approximately €50 per BarterCoin™.

How can I earn additional revenues from Book & Swap reservations ?

The accommodation reserved through Book & Swap are paid for with BarterCoins™ but you can potentially earn additional revenue by offering Food & Beverages, spa treatments, bicycle rental, beach chairs, airport transfers and a host of other additional service that your establishment may provide for a fee.

Who pays any potential tourism taxes ?

The traveling guest is responsible to pay any mandatory city or tourism taxes.

What is the cancellation policy ?

This we would leave up to the relevant accommodation provider. As we are all in the same business we realise that sometimes crises do occur, and to maintain a good relationship we need to be flexible. However should a dispute arise, the establishments cancellation policy would alway apply.

Do I need to pay for anything during my stay? 

Book & Swaps reservations only cover the cost of the hotel room. Any optional services (restaurant, minibar, spa treatments etc.) must be settled directly by you upon check-out. The hotel can request a credit card or similar reasonable guarantee from you at check-in to cover such charges. Depending on the destination, you may be requested by the hotel to pay for any mandatory city and tourism taxes.

What happens if someone books with me but does not pitch ?

We will still credit your account as though the swap had taken place.

Do I need to use all my credits at the same time or at one establishment ?

No, you can book into a number of different places for how ever many days you choose

Do I have to agree to accept "guests" for say 10 days or more ?

Book & Swap is NOT designed to replace your entire holiday arrangements. It is a valuable addition to your portfolio that can save you a vast amount of money. Most establishments will only accept bookings to a maximum of a few days. You can request more but don't be disappointed if turned down.

Do I need to "reciprocate" with owners of the establishments I stay at, by having them stay at my establishment ?

No, the person you stay with earns BarterCoins™ which are then "banked" with Book & Swap for you to use when ever you choose to use them. You can choose to stay with any other member on he Swap List at a time convenient and negotiated between yourselves.

Am I obligated to accept a swap request ?

It is the Host's prerogative to accept OR reject a swap request without giving a reason, even though they might have rooms available. If however a swap request has been agreed on by both parties, it constitutes a legal contract and cannot be broken.
If you're not already a member, we look forward to welcoming you into our Book and Swap circle of friends.
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