Fill your empty beds, and
network and visit other
guest houses for free


➢ All accommodation establishments have open rooms at some time or another.
➢ Book & Swap enables members to swap those nights with each other. It’s a simple barter system where no money is exchanged.

Book & Swap

Your Hospitality Bartering Specialists

GET 20 BarterCoins™ A YEAR

When you join you get 20 BarterCoins™.
Each year you renew your membership you receive an additional 20 BarterCoins™.

➢ An average nights accommodation for 1 person would cost you 1 BarterCoin™.
➢ Choose a destination from our Swaplist.
➢ Before booking, contact your chosen destination by phone or email to check availability.
➢ Should there be availability on your required dates, complete the booking request form that is to be found next to the Guest House pictures on the Swap list page. Complete the form and email it off.
➢ Once the establishment accepts your request our Book & Swap system will debit and credit both your accounts, and your stay will be confirmed, and as such constitutes a legal and binding contract.
➢ BarterCoins can only be reversed if agreed in writing by the hosting establishment.


➢ It is the Host's right to accept or reject a swap request without giving a reason, even if they have rooms available.
➢ Book & Swap is not meant to replace your yearly holiday arrangements. It is however a valuable addition to your portfolio that can save you vast amounts of money.
➢ Most establishments will only accept bookings for a few days. You can request more but don't be disappointed if turned down.
➢ As we are all in the accommodation industry, we all realise that certain times of the year and season are our busy times (public holidays, school holidays etc.) You can try your luck over these times but again don't be disappointed if you are turned down.
➢You can also stockpile your BarterCoins™, they never expire as long as you remain a member of Book & Swap.


The moment you join, you can start swapping.

➢ Now all those "Impossible Dreams" of exotic holidays are only a click away.
➢ Turn your empty rooms into your dream vacation.
➢ Meet wonderful new friends in the same industry.
➢ Let someone else treat you like a VIP for a change.

So join today and start swapping tomorrow.
If you're not already a member, we look forward to welcoming you into our Book and Swap circle of friends.
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