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of swapping accommodation
with other members…
no money exchanged


At last a win-win "Barter System" that allows you to exchange nights away with other accommodation providers in the most exotic destinations throughout the world without paying a cent.

➢ Fill your empty beds and earn BarterCoins™.
➢ Create extra revenue from guests using your restaurants, spas and other facilities.
➢ Incentivise staff with a few days away without outlaying cash.
➢ Network and share new ideas with other establishments from around the world.
➢ Travel where you like and when you like without exchanging a cent.

You earn BarterCoins™ when another member stays at your establishment and you use your BarterCoins™ to stay for free at any other member on the Book & Swap, Swap List.

You always have the choice of accepting or declining a request.

Book & Swap

Your Hospitality
Bartering Specialists


➢ Need a well-deserved rest.
➢ Looking for a special gift for a friend or family member.
➢ Reward your loyal workers with a break.
➢ Your teenagers want to travel around Europe this season.
➢ Going to a function, birthday or dinner party in a nearby Town but don’t want to drive back home.
➢ Planning a business trip.

Now you can with BOOK & SWAP

As a Book & Swap member there is no need to worry about money. Use your BarterCoins™ to pay for accommodation, whether in the next Town, the next country or the next continent.


A yearly fee of €125 is payable, which is less than 1 nights accommodation at most establishments.

➢ Your yearly membership earns you 20 BarterCoins™.
➢ Each nights stay at any of our thousands of establishments worldwide will cost you an average of 1 BarterCoin™ per person per night.
➢ Earn BarterCoins™ each time another member books accommodation at your establishment.
➢ Earn BarterCoins™ for every referral establishment you give us.
➢ Receive 20 BarterCoins™ each year you renew your membership.

We ALL have quite times and empty rooms at some stage. Turn yours into BarterCoins™ and start planning your dream vacation now.


➢ You can spend all your BarterCoins™ on 1 holiday or take a few nights here and a few nights there.
➢ Use your points as staff incentives,
➢ Gift BarterCoins™ to family and friends.

As long as you remain a member of Book & Swap your BarterCoins™ never expire and if you don’t use your BarterCoins™ this year you can save them for a longer trip next year.


The moment you join, you can start swapping.

➢ Now all those "Impossible Dreams" of exotic holidays are only a click away.
➢ Turn your empty rooms into your dream vacation.
➢ Meet wonderful new friends in the same industry.
➢ Let someone else treat you like a VIP for a change.

So join today and start swapping tomorrow.


Folks don't believe me when I explain to them about Book & Swap, they always ask me "what the catch is " Book & Swap is the best system I’ve ever joined. I have holiday club points and time share. We even had a flat in Spain that we used for family holidays. NONE of them was more flexible or offered me better value for my money than Book & Swap - Petra and Jurgen Jannack

The absolute JOY of being able to go to a family gathering in a neighbouring village 60kms away and being able to book into a guest house a few blocks away from them is heaven, and best of all it doesn't cost me a cent and I can enjoy a glass of wine and walk to my accommodation - Christiaan and Svenja Wachter.

A barter system with a difference. Not only is it a genuine win - win situation for all, you get to create an alternative value from unsold rooms and stay at quality accommodation in return, not to mention the additional revenues we generate in our restaurant and bar. We have also saved a fortune by rewarding our employees, friends and family with nights away. Paddy Mac Rae
If you're not already a member, we look forward to welcoming you into our Book and Swap circle of friends.
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